Supreme Ceylon Teas Now delivered to your doorstep in USA or Canada

Ceylon Brews

Lean back, close your eyes and picture home, what do you see? Besides your friends and family the one thing you will always miss is sitting back on a hansi puttuwa and sipping that cuppa traditional Ceylon tea.

Maskeliya Tea Exports aims to make that nostalgia a reality by bringing your craving to your doorstep. With the advent of the "Tea Bag", these fully rounded flavoury Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP) teas are no longer available in abundance. There are few Tea gardens in the high grown upcountry regions that continue to produce these unique teas such as Moray Estate, Laxapana Estate, Mattakale Estate Somerset Estate

Our company, the North American office of Maskeliya Tea Exports (Pvt) Ltd, is uniquely placed to deliver these traditional teas in unblended form and ship in 1lb, 2lb and 5lb quantities to those discerning tea drinkers who would once again like to taste a factory-direct tea with its aroma, body, strengthened uniquely Ceylon Flavor.

These teas possess the finely balanced richness, flavour, strength & aroma that contributes towards the perfect cup of tea. Consumed with milk or dark, Ceylon Brews elevates the Tea Drinking moment into pure indulgence. All teas are hand-picked by 40+ year Ceylon Tea stalwart Ravi Kumararatne.